Inspection of HVAC Unit inside the home (Determine the condition of returns/intakes and air ducts and check for possible mold and mildew)
Air duct cleaning (We clean the duct that runs from the system all the way to the opening where the vent is located. We do not clean vents)
Dryer Exhaust cleaning
Coil cleaning and restoration
Application of environmentally safe solution to neutralize mold and mildew, also kills dust mites, and many other allergens

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Pure Air Duct Cleaning‚Äč

Groupon Coupon for Atlanta, GA. (30 Mile service radius, beyond 30 miles is a Standard $30 trip charge. Subject to change due to distance)

$99 Voucher - Air Duct Cleaning- One Unit
Includes 10 AIR DUCTS and 1 Return/Intake (If the home has more than 10 AIR DUCTS, then each additional AIR DUCT is $10, and if there is more than 1 Return/Intake, then each additional Return/Intake is $15) This voucher DOES NOT include dryer exhaust cleaning. If your home has more than one unit, then it would be $10 per Air Duct and $15 per Return that is attached to that unit

$109 Voucher - Air Duct Cleaning AND Dryer Exhaust Cleaning - One Unit
Includes 10 AIR DUCTS and 1 Return/Intake (If there are more than 10 AIR DUCTS in the home, then each additional AIR DUCT is $10, if there is more than 1 Return/Intake, then each additional Return/Intake is $15) This voucher includes dryer vent cleaning. If your home has more than one unit, then it would be $10 per Air Duct and $15 per Return that is attached to that unit.

*Groupon Vouchers are coupons that can be used to save money on this service, voucher is not for "Whole Home" cleaning, additional costs may apply. All Air Ducts and Returns/Intakes must be cleaned. Only cleaning 10 & 1 does not clean the system properly. Vouchers CANNOT be used for just dryer exhaust cleaning. Pricing on dryer exhaust cleaning varies depending on the length of the dryer exhaust, and where the exhaust comes out at on the outside of the home. See Bottom Of this Page for further details*

Difference between Vents and Returns/Intakes

A vent is where your Air conditioning or Heat comes from, and is pumped into your home. Vents are usually located in your ceiling, along the top of your walls, sometimes in the floor. We do not clean vents, we clean the AIR DUCTS in the home. If your vents are rusted, or have mold or mildew on them, our technicians will recommend for the homeowner to take them off to be cleaned, painted or replaced. We will brush them off if there is dust that can be easily removed. Our focus is on the duct system of the home.

A Return (or intake or register, everyone calls them something different) is a larger grate in which your UNIT sucks air from your home and recirculates it through the system and back out of the vents. Returns are always one of the dirtiest parts of your system, they hold around 80% of your homes dirt, dust, hair, and debris. Returns are usually located along the baseboards, sometimes in the ceilings or along the wall. All homes are set up differently.

*Note to "New Construction" home owners* Did you know that returns in newly constructed homes, especially returns that are along the floor or baseboards, were likely used as trash cans by workers building the home. Those returns could contain anything from dry wall dust, pieces of drywall, nails or screws, trash from the workers such as cigarette butts, and empty cans, food wrappers. We could go on and on, and those things will begin to decompose and stink. How do we know? Because we have pulled these types of things from returns in newly constructed homes. Do not assume yours are clean. 

Have you had any home repairs or remodeling done? Was flooring or carpeting replaced, or drywall done? Floors and walls and what it takes to repair or replace them can cause a huge mess. The dirt and dust stirred up by those jobs is being sucked in by your returns and recirculating throughout you house. 

At Pure Air Duct we believe in Full Disclosure about anything that may transpire during a service call. Representatives go over anything that may occur in the home, no matter how rare a case it may be. Technicians also discuss everything with the homeowner before any cleaning begins in the home.

There are two "POSSIBILITIES" that may occur during a service call, and there is no way of knowing if these things may transpire until our technicians perform our initial inspection. 

1) Our technicians will ask to see your Air Handler/ Unit inside your home when they arrive at your home, This is located either in an attic, crawl space or a closet in the home. The Air Handler/Unit is where your blower motor and duct work are connected.  The technicians will be looking for what are called "Access Ports" which are located on the Plenum boxes of the Air Handler/Unit. If for whatever reason these Access Ports are not present, then an installation of access ports will need to occur, otherwise the service cannot be performed. These Access Ports are where we insert our suction machines, that facilitate the cleaning of your duct work and systems. Without these we cannot clean your system. If this is the case then there is a Standard $50 Access Port installation charge.

2) During the initial inspection technicians also inspect for mold and mildew in your system, and duct work. If anything of concern is found, it will immediately be brought to the Home Owners attention. Pure Air Duct has a process and a solution that can be disbursed in your system, and duct work, and will neutralize any mold or mildew, and the solution also kills dust mites and several other allergens. It is a Microban type solution, which contains no bleach, it is safe for pets, and children. It has a very pleasant, clean smell, and we also have unscented. Pricing for treatment of Mold/Mildew, depending on the severity, is $30-$50 per 100 square feet of home. If Mold/Mildew is found within the system or ductwork, it has to be treated or a basic service cannot be performed. Leaving Mold or Mildew untreated and performing a basic cleaning would disburse mold spores into the home and would create an even worse health hazard than already present in the home.

Our wonderful repeat customers love for us to disburse this solution in their systems even if mold or mildew is not present due to the allergen killing benefits. If you would like this solution to be applied to your homes Unit please discuss this with your technicians. 

*If we have treated your Duct system for mold or mildew, we recommend that you change you HVAC filters 24-48 hours after that treatment, as it is known to break up particles, which your filter will catch. 

*All of these things are explained to each and every customer during our phones calls before an appointment is taken. All calls are monitored and recorded for quality and training purposes*
*Vouchers are coupons to be used to save money on having services performed, does not guarantee that services can be completed under the voucher price, additional costs may apply."

*Dryer Vent Exhaust Cleaning* (If only dryer exhaust cleaning is being performed)

Basic Dryer Exhaust - (no elbows/turns, and does not go underneath the slab or come out onto the roof or higher than 1st floor of home) $59

Dryer Vent Exhaust - That has elbows/turns, comes out onto the roof, above the 1st floor, goes underneath the slab, or we retrieve birds nests, insect nests, or any out of the ordinary debris from the exhaust is $119
*It is a liability to our technicians to climb onto a ladder, with equipment/power tools in hand to clean a dryer vent. Please note that anything out of the ordinary will result in the $119 charge*